If the time you desire is unavailable, please call 212.339.8363.

For parties of eight persons or over, it is better to call the restaurant for availability rather than book online. For parties of over eight, a gratuity of 20% will be added for convenience. If you wish to leave less or more, simply let the server know. A credit card is usually required to reserva parties of over eight people.

We do not charge corkage so long as you volunteer to share a glass of a wine that is unique or of exceptional quality. Please email michael@amalinyc.com in advance if you have any questions as it is by its nature a case by case and situational decision. As a general guideline, we do not waive corkage for wines that are currently available in retail stores.

We always try our best to accommodate specific seating requests.

To reserve at Amali Sopra, please visit sopranyc.com