Below are the people who may welcome you when you come to dine at Amali. Our people are who we are and you can learn about the different roles they play here.

Jason Lakow, Director of Purchasing

Jason will often greet you at the door at Amali when he is not running off to the fish market to handpick fish at 2 am. Jason is a graduate of the Cornell University Hotel School.

Mike Mendel, Beverage Director/Sommelier

Mike oversees all matters beverage after supervising top flight wine programs in Chicago. The rare sommelier that actually listens to what people are looking to drink.

Francine Mace, Sommelier

Frankie has a passion for Italian wines, quibbling with Mike about appellation designation and running after busy dinner service.

Steven Breslawski, Maitre D & Marketing

Steve used to make cheese and despite a wealth of movie knowledge has never seen the Godfather.

Daniella Chudler, Events

Daniella has an LA style and despite moving here from Los Angeles is the least "L.A." of the team.

Matthew D'Ambroso, Chef De Cuisine

Matt enjoys making pasta, debating the meaning of the term Italian-American and order modifications.

Anna Markow, Pastry

A Maine native, Anna writes regularly and recently wrote a recipe column for

  • Jane Nam, Tournant
  • Miguel Martinez, Kitchen
  • Mike DeVito, Kitchen
  • Chris Liz, Kitchen
  • Victoria Pappas, Kitchen/Marketing
  • Lucy Felicianes, Kitchen
  • Amare Drame, Kitchen
  • Ahmed Albaranzanchi, Kitchen
  • Ismael Velasco, Kitchen

  • Hector Velasco, Service
  • Oscar Gonzalez, Service
  • Mohammed Ali, Service
  • Jasmine Welch, Service
  • Tony Aguilar, Service
  • Erin Danna, Service
  • Rob DeVito, Service
  • Joseph Tate, Service

  • Panos Sdona, Bar
  • Despina Karras, Bar
  • Matt Christian, Bar

  • Julia Griffin, Host
  • Adelyn Melnikoff, Host
  • Kristen Browne, Host

  • Samantha Peloquin, Emeritus Host
  • Kierstin Utter, Emeritus Host
  • Bianca Simboli, Emeritus Service
  • Jhonel Faelnar, Emeritus Bar
  • Diane Wade, Emeritus Bar
  • Hartley Parrish, Emeritus Service, Events
  • Amy Kyzer, Emeritus Events
  • Jonathan Gabrielson, Emeritus Service
  • Lauren Lapenna, Emeritus Service