Below are the people who may welcome you when you come to dine at Amali.

Our people are who we are and you can learn about the different roles they play here.

Steve Tzolis & Nicola Kotsoni, Partners

Chris Liz, Sous-Chef de Cuisine

Has been with the Amali family since the beginning, working his way up from garde manger to Sous-Chef de Cuisine.

Costas Mallios, Office Tournant

A retired IBM executive, Gus is the bane of unscrupulous or disorganized vendors. He does not want or need an email address, thank you very much.

Francine Mace, Sommelier

Frankie has a passion for Italian wines, quibbling with Mike about appellation designation and running after a busy dinner service. She is also an accomplished violist.

James Mallios, Managing Partner

Kylie Monagan, Manager

Kylie is our resident horticulturalist and oversees operations for Amali, Amali Mou and Sopra.

Matthew D'Ambroso, Chef De Cuisine

Matt enjoys making pasta, debating the meaning of the term Italian-American and order modifications.

Mike Mendel, Beverage Director/Sommelier

A Chicago native, Mike oversees all matters beverage. He also knows how to "hot wire" a car and does not care for garlic.

Rachel Goulet

While studying art history in Italy, Rachel spent more time cooking than in class. Upon her return (and some explaining to her parents), she she moved to New York and joined the team at Al di La. She began at Amali in 2012 and was promoted to Executive Chef at Amali in 2014. Rachel is committed to local, seasonal ingredients and letting them (largely) speak for themselves. It is equally important to her to teach these values to aspiring cooks.

Steven Breslawski, Events & Marketing Director

After graduating from Syracuse University, Steve spent his formative career at Foote, Cone & Belding where he covered Coca-Cola, Nascar and other clients. He previously worked in the events and marketing departments of The Fat Radish, Myriad Restaurant Group, and Harry's Loft. Steve currently oversees events, catering, and marketing for Amali. Steve used to make cheese and has finally seen the Godfather (but just the first one).

  • Bill Bader, Kitchen
  • Sergio Martinez, Kitchen
  • Sam Talbot, Kitchen
  • Ernesto Jimenez, Kitchen
  • Eric Sam, Kitchen
  • Elaine Marcelle, Kitchen
  • Brianna Milman, Service
  • Cory Escobar, Emeritus Service
  • Jasmine Welch, Service
  • Julia Griffin, Service
  • Joseph Tate, Service
  • Marcello Suarez, Service
  • Mohammed Ali, Service
  • Oscar Gonzalez, Service
  • Roberto Perez, Service
  • Shay Wisniewski, Service
  • Tony Aguilar, Emeritus Service
  • Felix Candia, Service
  • Briana Milman, Service
  • Alex Moutsios, Service
  • Rob DeVito, Service
  • Despina Karras, Bar
  • Kendra Cusic, Host
  • Emily Peragine, Host/Service
  • Amy Kyzer, Emeritus Events
  • Jonathan Gabrielson, Emeritus Service
  • Lauren Lapenna, Emeritus Service
  • Marco Velasco, Emeritus Service
  • Meredith Lydon, Emeritus Service
  • Nicole Kadar, Emeritus Service