Our wine list offers approximately 400 selections and received awards from Wine Spectator (Award for Excellence in 2011 - 2013) (Best of Award of Excellence 2014-2016), Wine & Spirits Magazine (Top Ten Newcomer, 2012),Wine Enthusiast (America’s 100 Best Wine Restaurants 2014). The New York Times calls our list "daring", eater.com describes it as "the equivalent of freaking to Burt Bachrach" and Adam Platt of New York Magazine calls it "one of the best Mediterranean selections in Midtown.”

For our current wine list, please email michael@amalinyc.com.

Corkage Policy

We do not charge corkage so long as you volunteer to share a glass of a wine that is unique or of exceptional quality. Please email frankie@amalinyc.com in advance if you have any questions about our policy. Our decision to waive corkage is a case by case decision and wholly within our discretion. As a general guideline, we do not waive corkage for wines that are currently available in retail stores. The policy is designed to allow guests to enjoy wines not readily available in New York that come from their personal cellars or their travels. The key terms are unique or exceptional - not expensive. By way of example, we would be happy to waive corkage for a ten year old village level Burgundy you purchased in France. We would probably not waive the corkage for a recent vintage of Opus One because even though it is an excellent wine, it is readily purchased at Sherry Lehman a block away. The only time we would charge corkage for a qualifying wine is if we have that exact wine (vintage and cuvee) on the list. Once we get to know a customer, we begin to simply take their word for the wine and waive any need for advance notice. Depending on the amount of bottles you bring and the of level of service/glassware you require, we may request extra gratuity for the staff. If you bring a wine to Amali that would not be eligible for complimentary corkage, our corkage fee is $45.